Aliens R Cool UK: Public usage of my logo's

Within this folder ( will be held all logo's for public usage.

These logo's are to be used by anyone wishing to promote my site (Dex? Percy?) and must not be tampered with. Ok, if your bored you can, but you must send me the URL of the image so I can add it to the public folder. Anyone who doesn't will be publicly named and shmed on my site!!

The font styles and effects (for logo's 1 to 3) were created using and so if you wish similar effects why not check out their site. Logo 4 was created using

If you wish to view my site now click on the link below or click on the other link if you wish to return to te public directory containing my logo's.

Thanks - Andrew (Webmaster of Aliens R Cool UK)

Aliens R Cool Uk logo 3

Aliens R Cool UK logo's public directory