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Here is the code from the HTML file stored on Dreamkey 3 at : "dksample/model/girl/model.html". Please remember that this will not work on a PC as all files are stored on the Dreamkey browser and the code is Dreamcast specific (as you can surely see - I know, people say I always state the obvious)

- Andrew (Webmaster)

Last updated: 12/4/03

You can also add the following bit of code at the end of the embed command for a light source (coloured white - #FFFFFF - in this code):

I haven't a clue what the 'diff' and 'ambi' (ambience?) do at the moment, or what 'pl' stands for (for now I shall use Point of Light).
Is it possible to have more than one PL I wonder? Could this simple routine be mixed with javascript to enable the PL to move or encircle the model/s?