Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Master Quest

Skulltula Locations

Important Info

Bottom Of Well (Young Link)

Death Mountain Trail (Adult Link)

Deku Tree (Young Link)

Desert Colosseus (Adult Link)

Desert Colosseus (Young Link)

Dodongo's Cavern (Adult Link)

Fire Temple (Adult Link)

Forest Temple (Adult Link)

Ganondorf's Castle (Adult Link)

Gerudo Fortress (Adult Link)

Gerudo Valley (Young Link)

Gerudo Valley Bridge (Adult Link)

Goron City (Adult Link)

Graveyard (Young Link)

Haunted Wasteland (Adult Link)

Hyrule Field (Adult Link)

Ice Cavern (Adult Link)

Inside Jabu Jabu (Young Link)

Kakariko Village(??)

Kokiri Forest (Adult Link)

Kokiri Forest (Young Link)

Lake Hylia (Young Link)

Lake Hylia (Adult Link)

Lon Lon Ranch (Young Link)

Lost Woods (Adult Link)

Sacred Forest Meadow (Young Link)

Shadow Temple (Adult Link)

Spirit Temple (Adult Link)

Water Temple (Adult Link)

Zora's Fountain (Young Link)

Zora's River (Adult Link)

Zora's River (Young Link)