Hi folks, As promised here is an edited version of the Colours extension source code for anyone that wants to attempt to make an AMOS extension of their own (I suggest you find the all the others first, as they contain all the commands you'll ever need and save you alot of hard work). NB: AMOS is actually copyright to 1993, but I'm copying the source as accurately as possible. Also alignment will almost certainly be out (depending on browser etc.), so I *may* do an HTML version hosted at my website so it can be viewed properly. ; Colours extension source code for AMOSPro, Last change 27/08/1994 ; By Jann Normann Nielson ; AMOS, AMOSPro, AMOS compiler (c) Europress Software 1990-1992 ; To be used with AMOSPro 1.0 and over ;------------------------------------------------------ ; This file is public domain ;------------------------------------------------------ ; Version MACRO dc.b "1.0" ENDM ExtNb equ 23-1 ; Now all the colours RED equ $F00 GREEN equ $F0 BLUE equ $F BLACK equ $0 Start dc.l C_Tk-C_Off dc.l C_Lib-C_Tk dc.l C_Title-C_Lib dc.l C_End-C_Title dc.w 0 C_Off dc.w (L1-L0)/2,(L2-L1)/2,(L3-L2)/2,(L4-L3)/2 ; Do NOT forget the last label! ; The next two lines NEED to be unchanged.... C_Tk dc.w 1,0 dc.b $80,-1 ; Now the real tokens [or commands - ADB]... dc.w -1,L_RED dc.b "re","d"+$80,"0",-1 dc.w -1,L_GREEN dc.b "gree","n"+$80,"0",-1 dc.w -1,L_BLUE dc.b "blu","e"+$80,"0",-1 dc.w -1,L_BLACK dc.b "blac","k"+$80,"0",-1 dc.w 0 C_Lib L0 moveq #ExtNb,d0 rts even L1 ******* RED L_RED equ 2 L2 move.l #RED,d3 moveq #0,d2 rts even ******* GREEN L_GREEN equ 3 L3 move.l #GREEN,d3 moveq #0,d2 rts even ******* BLUE L_BLUE equ 4 L4 move.l #BLUE,d3 moveq #0,d2 rts even ******* BLACK L_BLACK equ 5 L5 move.l #BLACK,d3 moveq #0,d2 rts even C_Title dc.b "AMOS Pro Colours Extension V " Version dc.b " by Jann Normann Nielsen",0,"$VER: " Version dc.b 0 even C_End dc.w 0 even Just to clarify this, anything following an asterisk ("*") or semi-colon (";") is classed as a comment and will generally be ignored by most (or all) assemblers. For further assistance, just mail the group :) Thats it folks (barring any typos), thats what the source of an Extension looks like. Make sure you use DevPac 2 or better as some assemblers (like Phx Ass) don't allow certain things (unless I'm doing something wrong with Phx Ass?!). Merry Christmas, Andrew B aliensrcooluk@yahoo.co.uk PS. Karsten if you still need to know how to find the extension number of a compiled extension I might be able to help you now! :)