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PSO Zone
News (Dreamcast)

Phantasy Star Online is a great DC game by Sonic Team/Sega.

There are 2 new online quests to play that are listed under "Extermination".
"Phantasmal 1", is basically a nightmare version of the Jungle and Seaside levels and "Phantasmal 2" is a nightmare version of the Mountains and CCA areas.
Completing either (on Very Hard) gives you a "Lucky Coin" (which you obtain from Nol Rinale) which can then be used on the "broken machine" in the Gallons Shop quest, listed under "Shops". This new machine is aroulette game which will give you rare items and weaponry aswell as common items such as Sol Atomizers!

New words to type on Festivity On The Beach quest:

heaven, makes stars in sky brighter briefly
spinner, Chu Chu rocket music plays
door, warps u to exit warp
beach, warps u to by the fire on the beach
squid, makes the squid creatures from the Seabed appear (only up to a max. of 5)
like, hearts appear around your character
hp, restores everyones HP to their maximum

There are 2 new quests to play online, TTF2 (more info at later date) and Festivity On The Beach.

Festivity On The Beach, is set on the beach at Gal Da Val island. Its night time and everyone has vanished. Whilst on the beach near the flame type:

glow, for your characters to glow!
ragol, for a temporary black & white mode
health, to restore everyones health
flare, to see a flare go up out at sea
dream, to hear the Nights theme tune
flash, to see lightning flashes
comet, to see comet in the sky
cape, to teleport up the cape top
star, to see falling stars at sea
shake, to hear Samba De Amigo music
cool, to see your character showered in ice!
hot, to hear the Burning Rangers theme tune
heat, to see the flame burn much higher
what, to see the beast out at sea
go, to see your character have a fountain glow
pop, to see a single firework out at sea
bye, to see something spectacular!

Some action/occurences are activated by more than one word.

Sega have left an announcement up that can be seen when going online on GameCube PSO. The 50Hz servers have now been closed down leaving only the 60Hz ones remaining.

There is a new online quest for Phantasy Star Online on the GameCube.
It is entitled 'Blue Star Memories' and is currently only available on the Japanese and US servers at the moment, listed under 'VR' in the Hunters Guild.

When you are in the visual lobbies on GameCube Phantasy Star Online (online) you can currently hear the well known tune from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Why? Noone arelly knows... the same thing happened when you were on Pioneer 2 when playing the Dreamcast version online at the beginning of each year... along with a mysterious giant '21'. So I guess its to celebrate the new year then.....

The "Rappy Holiday" quest is a new quest that can be found under "Retrieval". Its the same as the one that is on the Dreamcast version (online only). Basically the Rappies are all having a big party with fun and games for all :)
If you manage to get 20 points or more you will glow (only on Pioneer 2) like the guy near the Hunters Guild .

The time limited quest which will be vanishing from the GameCube PSO servers shortly rewards you with a "Jack'o'lantern" which contains a rare Mag. You need to collect 8 different cakes and give them to one of the Rappies (things with pumpkin heads). The cakes are: Lemon cake, Sweet Nuts & Marmalade cheesecake, Pumpkin & Strawberry Jam cake, Banana Custard cake (!), Pumpkin & buttercream cake, Banana Yogurt & Chocolate cake (!), Cherry Honey and Apple & Blueberry Sauce Cake. [Updated 3/11/03]

The new quest for GameCube PSO is called Pioneer Halloween and has 2 different tunes in the background once you are down on Ragol. Tails theme music from Sonic Adventure plays if your on the Mountains and at the Seaside whereas you get the tune from Sonic Adventure 2 if you are in the Jungle.

There is a new time limited quest with the Naura sisters (aka cake sisters) that has a tune from Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast) in the background. The tune can also be heard as part 2 (1 min 17 seconds) of track 23. SA2 Vox Trax on the 10th anniversary Sonic music CD.

TTF is now available on all GameCube PSO servers.

Since 14th Oct. 2003 the GameCube US PSO servers have had the Towards The Future (TTF) quest added to the online quests you can play, but sadly none can be downloaded and played offline yet.

Only the US servers have closed. Both the European and Japanese (60Hz) servers remain up and running at present :)

Sega have announced that the US PSO and PSO V2 servers for the Dreamcast will close on Oct. 1st 2003. Nothing is known about the European and Japanese servers at present.
For more info visit:

DC PSO European servers are rather laggy at the mo, hopefully Sega will fix things, BUT I have heard a rumour that Sega will be closing down the DC PSO servers in the next few months.

GC and DC PSO servers in Europe went down last evening due to some problems at Sega Europe's HQ, but everything should be up and running now.

Sega have announced on their US site ( that all Sega supported DC online games servers will be shut down this month... except for PSO and PSO V2 :)

Japanese and European (60Hz) servers are still up and running but the US ones have been reduced down to one server!
A rumour suggests that all DC PSO servers will be shut down around Aug./Sept. this year.

A rumour has caught my attention that the Japanese servers have been shut down. According to a m8 (D9) they are still operating - see 17/2/03.

It was announced several days ago that due to a lack in numbers 6 PC PSO servers and 3 DC PSO servers (US servers:Ariel, Umbriel and Miranda) will be shut down - the 3 DC ones are going on March 11th.

Some of you may have noticed that at the moment you can't jump to the Japanese servers from the European ones, but you can from the US servers. The same applies to the European ones which you can only jump to from the Japanese ones at present!!

Dione is back! The European server has returned for us DC gamers :)
Wow! Loadsa people love their DC PSO snaps. December saw 356 pics in the PSO VBBS online album while there are currently 156 pics already for this month! :)

A couple of servers have recently been removed - one from US and one from Europe (Dione).

The Japan based PSO VBBS site looks on target for 400 pics for this month :)

Yes, the rumours are true. Sega are to consider switching off the DC game servers (excluding the PSO ones!). Hoorah! Long live PSO :)

Sadly, Loren Peace has recently removed the PSO Snapshot site from the 'net so links to '' will no longer work :(
But I do know there is another convertor site out there, I just got to find it first!

Ok firstly servers that have been converted for use with the GameCube version of PSO won't be able to be used with the Dreamcast one, because Sega fear that cheaters/hackers will ruin the PSO experience for the GC users.
Secondly, another new downloadable quest has been added to the Dreamcast servers (ok, its a Japanese one converted to English, so we now know whats going on!).
The new quest see's you trying to rescue Elenor's sister Ult. Happy questing.... but you need 96 blocks free in your VMU to store the necessary data.

Some PSO servers to close temporarily!
Yup... according to a post on the Sega Europe chatboards by the Administrator (PSO/PSO V2 thread) 4 US servers (Puck, Cordelia, Ophelia, Titania and 1 Japanese server (Lystithea) will be down on 18th August because of the release of GC PSO shortly.

US PSO servers to close

Yes.... I'm affraid its true. Sega have put up a message at saying that in mid-August 6 US servers (for the Dreamcast) shall vanish forever ;(

Brutus is now lvl 100 as of last night *:)
Once my sunburn has cleared up enough all stats in this section shall be updated and a full list of all my 12 (yes, 12!) PSO characters shall be added.

I have downloaded and played the new quest 'Central Dome Fire Swirl'. Its essentially a conversion of a japanese one which has been up since PSO V2, with a few alterations! An update will follow in the next few weeks.

I have downloaded and played 2 of the new V2 quests, 'The Retired Hunter' and 'Soul Of A Blacksmith'. They are both great fun, although the fact that the Retired Hunter is 'special' has left me puzzled for now. I wonder what is hidden in that quest/linked to it?

I am sad to report that NOL'ing or similar annoyances still exist on PSO online. Most annoying for those that have characters above level 100. My PSO character list (below) will be updated soon.

I now have PSO V2. Sadly, the servers (as are all/most of Sega's games servers) are off while they update them to (hopefully) run better with Dreamkey 3.0

Recently one of my official Sega VMU's (DC memory card or Visual Memory Unit to give it its full name) has started to play up meaning that I cannot access my guild card file, Sgt.Major101 or any other files stored on it :(

Some thing strange happened to me the other night. I was with some mates and as I was warping from Pioneer 2 to the caves (via a telepipe) the screen flashed green as it was loading. I was scared I had been NOL'ed or something, but nothing seems to be wrong. Has this happened to any of you??? If so use the link on the menu (left of screen) to email me.

Sega have updated the PSO servers, so that anyone using the NOL hacked/cheat code will get disconnected and maybe even permanently banned!!

A PSO cheat/hacked code allows users teams to be displayed in colours other than the defaults set by Sonic Team when listing teams on the PSO servers. The same cheat, I believe, allows users to alter the colours of characters displayed in speech bubbles too!!!

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