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Thank you for visiting, now try these sites.
Please email me if a link doesn't work

Page last updated: 29th August 2004

Table updated 2/12/02 with new colour scheme.
Big Thanks To... Sites I used to create this
site and wish to thank
Games DevelopersLinks to loads of developers websites
Videogames Consoles SitesLinks to known official Sega, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft sites relating to their machines.
Videogames MusicSites on which you can listen to music in Midi and Wav format or sites you can buy videogames music on CD! Cool, huh?! *:)
Gaming Exhibitions/EventsThis section has links to all the major gaming exhibitions/events (or will do eventually)
Videogames SitesOnly official sites on videogames are listed here
Games Related SitesOnly sites that have something to do with videogames.. eg. fan sites, home-made sites or gaming mags online sites
Gaming Petitions OnlineOnline petitions to do with videogames
Favourite SitesAs the title suggests, only my favourite sites are listed here
Favourite BabesErmmm... links to sites about my favourite women
TV/FilmErmmm... links to sites about TV programmes and/or films (including soundtracks)
MusicSome links to artists official sites
Anime/Classic CartoonsSites about anime, official anime/classic cartoons sites and ermm.. thats it!

Big Thanks To...
A site to transfer files from website to website or PC to website.

VM File Uploader (newtest)
A very cool site (thanks to 'Consolix' at Sega Europe Chatboards for letting me know about this site) where
you can upload DC VMU files onto their site and then transfer them onto your own site.

A great site, with some cool and useful Javascript routines amongst lots of other stuff.

Games Developers

3DO Europe

Acclaim (UK)

Acclaim UK site doesn't work well with a DC *:(

Acclaim World

Acclaim UK site doesn't work well with a DC *:(

Activision (US)

ActivisionO2 (US)

Sorry DC users, I tried Activision's O2 site last night with Dreamkey 3, and it wouldn't let me in! - 25/12/02 Andrew

AM2 (Sega division)

Argonaut (US)

Argonaut's site is fantastic, works wonderfully on a DC (with Dreamkey 3) and has a DC compatible message board (powered by vBulletin).

Bandai (Europe)

Sorry, but I couldn't get past the Bandai's logo on my Dreamcast (using Dreamkey 3).

Bitmap Brothers (UK)

Bizarre Creations (US/International)

Blitz Games (US/International)

Blue 52 (UK)

Capcom (US/International)

Capcom (Europe)

Codemasters (US)

NewClimax (UK)New

NewCryptic Allusion (US/International)New

NewDigital Extremes (US)New

NewDigital Mayhem (US)New

Electronic Arts (UK)

Electronic Arts Games (US/International)

Eon Digital

NewEpic Games (US)New

NewGameworks - Sega divisionNew

Headfirst (UK)

Hitmaker - Sega division (Japan)

HudsonSoft (US)

NewIntelligent Games (UK)New

NewInfogrames (UK)New

NewInfogrames (US)New

NewInterplay (US)New

NewJakks (US)New

NewKalisto (US)New

Konami (Europe)

NewKuju (US)New

NewMidway (US/International)New

NewMindscape (US)New

NewNamco (Japan)New

NewNamco (UK)New

Namco (US)

Nintendo (US)

NewNintendo (UK)New

NewNintendo Street Term (US)New

NewNovalogic (US)New

NewParticle Systems (UK)New

PlayFresh (UK)

NewRage (US)New

Rare (UK)

NewRare (US/International?)New

Rare are a UK based developer, so I was kinda shocked when I found this URL. I guess its there international site or have they set up a base in the US?

Revolution (UK)

NewSammy (US)New

NewSecret Level (US)New

Sega (US)

NewSega (US) - optimized DC stuffNew

Sega (Europe)

Sega (Japan)

NewSega Arcade (US)New

NewSega NetNew

NewSega RossoNew

NewSega Sports (US/International)New

NewSierra (US)New

NewSierra (UK)New

Sonic Team (US/International - Sega division)

NewSonic Team (Japan)New

NewSCi (UK)New

Software First (US)

Square (Europe)

NewSwing Games (US)New

TDK Mediactive (US/International)

NewTecmo (Japan)New

NewTecmo (US)New


THQ (Germany (/Europe?))

Tremor Entertainment

NewTriton Labs (US/International)New

NewUbisoft (Japan)New

NewUbisoft (UK)New

Universal Interactive (US/International)

Virgin Interactive Entertainment (UK)

NewVivendi & Universal Interactive (UK)New

NewWow Entertainment - Sega division (Japan)New

NewZedTwo (US/International)New

Video Games Console Sites

Sega-Parts (US)

Exactly as the title suggests, get all of Sega's machines and/or games here. Its also the only place to get your old Sega machines fixed. They are US based so check before you buy anything etc. Also, all games and/or machines will be NTSC (US only) unless otherwise stated.

Official Xbox site

Official GameCube (Europe) site

Official GameCube (US) site

Official GameBoy (US) site

Official Game Boy Advance site (UK)

NewGame Boy PlayerNew


Official Playstation site (Europe)

Linux Dev Kit (PS2 hard drive etc. for Europe)

Videogames Music

Anime Nation (US/International)

CD Japan (UK)

Chudah's Corner

Final Fantasy Music Online

Final Fantasy Sountrack

Game Music (US/International)

N64 music (courtesy of 'feir' from Sega chatboards)

Otaku (US/International)

Pony Canyon (Japan)

Pony Canyon released the excellent Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time game and StarFox 64 (Lylat Wars in the UK) music on CD in Japan.

Gaming Exhibitions/Events

ECTS (European Computer Trade Show)

ECTS (US/International?)

Golden Joystick Awards (UK)

Stuff Live (UK)

Games Related Sites

Arcade Addicts site

NewAsahi (Japan)New

Character Archive Network (CAN)

NewComputer & Video GamesNew

NewDC Games PicsNew



NewDreamArena (unofficial) - German/DeutscheNew

Dreamennia (Negora's site)

NewDreamcast NetNew

Dreamcast Petition

A site trying to keep games development for the DC alive :)


Dreamsaves, is a site where you can download Dreamcast game saves and much more. It may be a Germany based site, but its in English too! *:)

NewDreamcast Official Magazine (UK)New

NewEdge Online Forum (UK)New

NewEntertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB)New

Ferrari 355 site

Gamer Land

A new website,with the history of videogames and consoles going back to the 1970's!!


A superb place to buy games - including imports.

NewNational Console SupportNew

A great place to buy anything games related.

NewPlanet DreamcastNew

NewPlaynation mag (UK)New

NewPSO LifeNew


Sega Dreamcast Net

Ragol Arms

A PSO based site with Dreamcast compatible message boards.

NewSega Saturn Unofficial (US)New

Sega Sonic World

Tims Vault (Cheat site)

Videogames Sites

NewBorder DownNew

Chu Chu Rocket (Japan)

Colin McRae Rally 3

Confidential Mission

NewDark AngelNew

NewDead Or Alive 3New


Dreameye (official site)

NewEcco The DolphinNew


NewFeet Of FuryNew

Ferrari 355 Site (for Europe)

NewFifa 2003New


Fighting Vipers 2 (US)

Final Fantasy (US/International)

Final Fantasy X (Europe)

Final Fantasy Music Online

Gone A Bit Lara! (Lucazade/Lara Croft related)

Halo: Combat Evolved

NewHarry PotterNew


NewJames Bond (Electronic Arts (US/International))New

Correct link for James Bond now up! *:)

Le Mans 24 Hour (game)

NewMafia (the game)New


NewMen In Black 2New

NewMetropolis Street Racer (UK)New

Metropolis site closed :(

Official Millenium Soldier site

NewMission ImpossibleNew

NewNeed For Speed: Underground (US/Internatioal)New

Nintendo VIP

Some GameCube games come with a code that will allow you to view special stuff on this site.

Official Pokemon 2000 movie site

NewPrince Of Persia 3D (US/International)New

NewPrince Of Persia: Sands Of Time (US/International)New

Official Resident Evil movie site

Rez (DC)


NewRobotech Battlecry (US/International)New

NewRobot Wars (US/International)New

NewSamba De Amigo (Japan)New

NewSega GT NetNew

Sega GT (Europe)

NewSega GT (Japan)New

Sega Rally




Smash Brothers (US)

NewSonic Adventure 1 (Jap)New

NewSonic Adventure 2 (??)New

NewSonic Adventure 2: Battle (??)New

Soul Calibur (Japan)

NewSSX Tricky (US)New

NewSSX 3New

NewStar PeaceNew


NewStar Wars: Bounty HunterNew

Stop The Track! (WipeoutFusion related)

NewStreet Fighter 3 Impact (Japan)New

Stuntman game site

NewStupid Invaders (US/International)New

NewSuper Smash Brothers (US)New

NewTake Lara To Work! (Tomb Raider related)New

NewTerminator (US/International)New


Official ToeJam and Earl Site

NewToeJam & Earl 3 (US)New

Official Toy Commander website


Sim City

Star Wars game site

Unreal Tournament Site

PSO Site (on

DukeNukem's (from PSO) PSO site


PSO World

PSO site (based at

PSO site (based at

Stepfords (DA name) PSO Site

Official PSO site (at

Official PSO site (at

PSO site of the Amigos Clan

NewStar Wars: Clone Wars (US/International)New

NewTOCA Race Driver (behind scenes (UK))New

NewVirtua Cop 3 - Arcade (US)New

Virtua Fighter 4 (Japan)

Virtua Fighter 4 (US)

NewV Rally 3 (US/International)New

Wipeout Fusion website


NewWRC2 ExtremeNew

Gaming Petitions Online

The following are links to petitions related to videogames, Dreamcast users or ones I feel should be read and signed. These petitions are held online at

Petition 1 - We want an online Cannon Fodder

Petition 2 - Virtua Fighter 4 for the Dreamcast

Petition 3 - Improve the "new DreamArena" or give us DreamArena back

Petition 4 - Horrible act to a Pakistan teenager

Petition 5 - Against Greek Government banning games!

Petition 6 - Fair Play campaign (cheaper videogames)

Petition 7 - Keep Sega Europe DC community alive

Petition 8 - SOCOM: US Navy SEALS, replace PS2 online servers!

Petition 9 - Alias (TV series), we want 3rd series

Petition 10 - Suikoden III for Europe

NewPetition 11 - We want Shenmue 3New

Favourite Sites

After that special someone? Then look no further than Friend Finder.

A great website full of Mpeg movies to download. Movies less than 1.5MB (1,500,000 bytes) should download onto a Dreamcast (can take up to 10-15 minutes) and will run. If anyone finds any for the Dreamcast plz let me know at:

Lord Percy's Site

A site containing a wonderfully narrated story based on PSO, the PSO world and all his mates characters (including mine).

Aidoh's Refuge

A great site including an interactive story.

KANO's (from PSO) site

cdx.1's website

Gigaparn's (from Sega Europe) website

Jaysunuk's site

This is a great site for DC users, with file downloads, VMU animation downloads and much more.

Cape Cave (by 2steps1)

Duksie471's (from DreamArena) site

NewDuksies new siteNew

DS9's (from PSO) site

DS9's site was listed twice! Oops!

Kimmy's Lil Princesses!

kingofwolves (from DreamArena) site

n3o's (from PSO) site

N3o's link now corrected.

Amiga games (UK)

Amiga Joysticks (UK)

Its Only A Fiver

NewRebel Dawn (unofficial Elite sequel)New

NewAccess (JP) - experimenta link!New

Dream Alive (One of Negora's sites)

Link has been updated, old one ( no longer works - 20/11/02 Andrew

NewNeo Geo Pocket ZoneNew

NewPocket GamersNew

New~spacehead journalNew

Chat room links removed, as they will appear on my soon to be up, Chatroom page! :)

Vicksters Lair

NewText to speech online demoNew

Digitiser (UK, Channel 4 Teletext Page 175)

SpyBotics (Lego site!)

Kinitawawi link removed, as I do not approve or like his new site (if it really is his).

A funny page!

Thanks for sending me this Dex. Ace page ;)

Another funny page!

Thanks to someone at the Sega Europe message boards for that one :)

Neo Geo Sales UK

A great place to get Neo Geo Pocket games.

Neo Pocket Gamer

A site where DC users can download and play games (so I'm told by Ben from PSO).

Official UK Neo Geo Pocket site


Digital Xtreme (previously DC Xtreme)

Kikizo (Games, movies & more)


All the latest UCA info and site for cheerleaders.

My Favourite Babes

Marie Prosjo

Lily Inan

NewAlexia LeiNew

Jenna Von Oy's Offcial Site

Official Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen site

Yes these two teenagers are coming over here to the UK. If you havent heard of them you will soon as they are both worth around $70 million each (approx.) and they are only 19 years old! They have clothing ranges, PS games, GBA games, video's and CD's, so give their site a visit and find out all about them.(Okay their site is a bit girly at the mo.. maybe in time they will have a site for us guys too).

Official Cherie Roberts site

Official Suzi Perry site

Paula Trickey (from Pacific Blue)

NewHilary DuffNew

Manga Babes (UK)

Rollergirl's Official Site (English and German)

Rollergirl Site (100% English)

NewAnna EdwardsNew

NewSofia VergaraNew


The following babes are viewed online thanks to and the babes themselves for puting themselves on that cool site

Babe No. 1 (french girl in bikini)

Babe No. 2 (Mandy, brunette)

Link to babe 2 has been fixed.

Babe No. 3 (brunette, red top & denim shorts)

Babe No. 4 (ash Blonde(?) from Madison (the city!))

Babe No. 5 (Caroline)

Babe No. 6 (Blonde in bikini)

Babe No. 7

She has 'updated' her pic and is no longer up - 21/8/02

Babe No. 8 (Kristen)

Babe No. 9 (Mindy, blonde)

Babe No. 10 (Ester)

The link for Ester is now up! It was previously incorrect. Sorry to you all (including Ester). However, she has 'updated' her pic and is awaiting approval, so she is currently no longer up at the moment (25/5/02).

Babe No. 11

Babe No. 12 (blonde)

Babe No. 13 (Sally, 19)

Babe No. 14 (brunette)

Babe No. 15 (20yr old brunette)

Babe No. 16 (Jamey, 18yrs old)

Babe No. 17 (Jennifer, 20)

Babe No. 18 (Spanish gal)

Babe No. 19

NewBabe No. 20New


Atlantis High (Strange, but cool New Zealand TV prog.)

Bring It On (Kirsten Dunst & Eliza Dushku)

Coyote Ugly (Piper Perabo & Adam Garcia)

NewDie Another Day (UK)New

Men In Black (US)

NewMen In Black 2 (UK)New

NewMr DeedsNew


Pokemon 2000

Resident Evil (US/International)

NewResident Evil (UK)New

NewRobocop (TV series)New

NewShe Spies (Natasha Henstridge & Kristen Miller)New


NewSpider Man (Kirsten Dunst)New

Star Wars


NewAll Saints official siteNew

NewAppleton (ex-All Saints) official siteNew

Bring It On Soundtrack

NewDannii MinogueNew


NewFeederNet (Unofficial site) by '-Insomnia-'.New

NewGirls @ PlayNew


NewHolly ValanceNew

Leann Rimes

NewM2M - Marit LarsenNew

NewM2M - Marion RavenNew

NewNelly FurtadoNew

NewNicole RussoNew

NewSarah WhatmoreNew


Old link doesn't work,coz the old site is gone :( But there is a new site, link below:

NewSupersisters new siteNew


Link remains, but Thunderbugs site is gone :(

Anime/Classic Cartoons

Official Titan A.E site

Blood: The Last Vampire

Gundam Official site


Anime fanzine!

NewNeon Genesis Evangelion - Death & RebirthNew

Princess Mononoke

Sin: The Movie

Ulysses 31


Anime fanzine site! :)

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